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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Connecting the Running community for new and experienced runners. 

ABOUT ANA Coaching

We are a Seattle Based Female Coaching Duo who have been coaching both adults and kids collectively for the last 10 years. 

As avid parts of our local community of runners, we look forward to the opportunity to meet, run, and coach all experience levels of runners. 

We are passionate about the "all paces, all faces" philosophy brought to the forefront by CSRD, our local run club that Miran Co-Founded. 

We hope to join and coach you through your next running journey!  


meet Your Coaches


miran Mccash

CSRD Co-Founder, Physical Education Teacher in Burien, Head Cross Country and Track and Field Coach, 4x Marathoner, and Mom!  

Morgan schank

WRCC Non-Profit Co-VP, Athletic Apparel Designer, Head Cross Country Coach, Former D1 Cross Country & Track Athlete, and 1x Marathoner!

Marathon Runners

1:1 Coaching

Training plans

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